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China Environmental Labelling certification helps achieve green Beijing 2022 OlympicParalympic Winter Games

Date:2022/05/12 11:31:02

Column:CEC news

China Environmental Labelling certification helps achieve green Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games

The Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (hereinafter referred to as “Beijing 2022”)has presented a safe, green and exceptional Olympics to the world. For the green and sustainable Olympic Games, CEC made significant contributions with its leading role in ecolabel certification.

“Green, comfort and healthy” furniture
BBMG Tiantan Furniture Co., Ltd. is the licensee of ecolabel, as the furniture supplier to Beijing 2022, it provided over 211,000 pieces of furniture for 43 venues of Beijing 2022. Many of the furniture products have been certified complying with China Environmental Labelling criteria of Furniture, which provided comfort and healthy working and living environment for athletes and staff. In addition, there are many innovative designs for these products which made it possible to be applied in the Paralympic Games. This kind of design echoes the call for “economical Olympics” and reflects environmental protection concept.  

High quality domestic coatings
SKSHU Paint Co., Ltd. is the exclusive official coatings supplier of Beijing 2022. It provided green coating services for a dozen of projects such as the construction of the National Ski Jumping Center, as well as environment-friendly helmet of China national team of short track speed skating. These products respectively comply with China Environmental Labelling criteria of Water-based Coatings and Water-Proof Coatings, which are truly environment-friendly coatings with minimum hazard.  These high quality and safe coating materials provided a green, comfort, healthy and beautiful sports venue.

Green plastic pipelines
Under cold weather and special conditions, skiing and skating sports have higher and stricter reliability requirement for water supply and drainage pipelines. China Environmental Labelling certified PPR pipe, PVC drain-pipe, HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe, e-PSP steel and plastic compound pipe and PE pipe were widely applied in Olympic villages and venues. These environment-friendly products meet the ecolabel criteria of Plastic Pipes for Construction and are resistant to high pressure and corrosion without the need for special protection measures under low temperature. All of them reflect the innovation-driven and green leading role of China Environmental Labelling criteria.
Green and biodegradable tableware
Anhui Fengyuan Biochemical Co., Ltd. was disposable tableware supplier for Beijing 2022. The biodegradable plastic tableware they providing meet China Environmental Labelling criteria of Plastic Packaging Products, which formulate strict requirements for phthalate plasticizer content, degradability and heavy metal contents. The tableware fully ensure the biodegradability and safety to environment & human body.

Adhering to the development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing", CEC has gone through 20 years. In the future, CEC will focus on environmental hot topics to explore solution by ecolabel and environment service for plastic pollution, climate change and biodiversity reducing.