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The letter of intent on green consumption cooperation between ChinaGermany is signed in Beijing

Date:2017/12/11 12:23:36

Column:CEC news

With the support of the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) and Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB), a new environmental paper has been signed in Beijing. The Environmental Development Center (EDC) of MEP, German Environmental Protection Agency (UBA), China Environmental United Certification Center (CEC) and German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification (RAL) jointly signed the Letter of Intent (LOI) in Beijing on 29th June 2017. Representatives from MEP, BMUB, EDC, and GIZ witnessed the signing ceremony. Based on China-Germany cooperation on environmental labelling, this cooperation will expand to green consumption field such as SPP, green supply chain and continue 4-years study and practices under the support of the Sino-German Environmental Partnership Project.

China-Germany cooperation on environmental labeling has been an important component of the Sino-German Environmental Partnership Project. Since 2006 when China and Germany signed the first cooperation agreement on environmental labeling, it has obtained strong support of the two governments and has been included in the Outline of China-Germany Cooperation Program ─ Working on Innovation signed by Premier Li Keqiang and German chancellor Angela Merkel in 2014. China and Germany have carried out many activities in the field of environmental labeling such as development of common standard, study on mutual recognition mechanism, personnel training and technical exchanges over the past decade and made great achievements. This strengthened cooperation of mutual recognition between China Environmental Labelling and Blue Angel, and the cooperative pattern also can be a reference for other GEN members. Besides, sustainable consumption and the development of green trade have been promoted as well between the two countries. 

        The signing of the LOI will become a new milestone for cooperation on environmental labeling between China and Germany. It will play more positive role in achieving SDG of the United Nations and promoting green consumption.