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The Forum on Innovation to Promote Green ProductionConsumption held in Beijing

Date:2017/12/29 12:09:53

Column:CEC news

The “Forum on Innovation to Promote Green Production and Consumption” & 15th Anniversary of China Environmental United Certification Center was held in Beijing on November 29. This forum was sponsored by MEP Environmental Development Center and undertaken by CEC, MEP Environmental Certification Center and Green Consumption and Green Supply Chain Alliance. The Forum aims at implementing the gist of the 19th National Congress of Communist Party of China; fully employing the tools such as environmental labeling, green public procurement and green supply chain; carrying out green production and consumption by innovation and facilitating the development of ecological civilization in China.  
    The Forum invited Mr. Xie Zhenhua, former Vice Chairman of CPPCC Committee for Population, Resources and Environment, Special Representative of China for Climate Change and former Vice Minister of NDRC presented a keynote speech with the title “Attaching great importance to the role of environmental labeling and accelerating green transformation of production and consumption pattern”. Mr. Xie said, as a voluntary environmental policy of China over the past 20 years with good social foundation and influence, China environmental labeling system has been becoming better and approaching perfection with remarkable achievements. It has become one of the most influential and effective approaches that guide and promote green production and consumption in China.  
    In his speech, Mr. Zou Shoumin, Director General from MEP Department of Science, Technology and Standards points out that one of the objectives of eco environment protection is providing more high quality ecological products to satisfy increasing public demands for beautiful eco environment. Environmental labeling products are important ecological products. Environmental label certification plays a key role in promoting green production and consumption.   
    Mr. Guo Fangming, Vice Director General of Ministry of Finance Treasury Payment Center said, the system on public procurement of environmental labeling products launched by Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Environmental Protection is the role model on green consumption jointly promoted by the two ministries.   
    Mr. Bo Yumin, Chief Engineer of Certification and Accreditation Administration of China in his address hopes that CEC could continue its scientific, rigorous, fair and justice principles; actively carry out certification and accreditation work; continuously expand new certification areas and build the bridge and ties among the government, enterprises and consumers.  
    Ms. Sun Cuihua, Vice Director of the National Committee for Standardization of the Carbon Emission Management and former Vice DG of NDRC Department of Climate Change appreciated the hard work and achievements of CEC over the past 15 years. In particular, as one of the first UN approved CDM business body in China, CEC has actively taken part in certification and verification on reduction of GHG emissions at home and abroad with impenetrability and great achievements. CEC has become a famous authority at home and abroad. She encourages CEC to keep up its work and play a bigger role in areas such as climate change and low carbon products.  
    Mr. Jiang Nanqing, a program officer from UNEP Beijing Office introduced UNEP activities for achieving UN SDGs and appreciated the cooperation between UNEP and CEC on sustainable consumption. He said that UNEP will conduct further cooperation with CEC.   
    Mr. Qu Geping, former Chairman of NPC Environmental Protection and Resource Conservation Committee, honorary President of China Environmental Protection Foundation, the First Director of CEC Management Committee and “father of environmental protection in China” sent a congratulation letter to this forum. He urges the participants to bear in mind of the original will, forge ahead, focus on new requirements of the new ear and become participator, contributor and leader for the development of ecological civilization in China.  
    Ms. Zhang Xiaodan, CEC General Manager gave a topic presentation titled “15-Years Innovation and Development for Green Practice”. She introduced the development and achievements of CEC over the past 15 years and indicated that CEC will always strive for the improvement of environmental quality and adhere to “honesty, responsibility, service and development” values; focus on the 3 areas of “environmental protection, energy saving and low carbon”; gradually develop the technical system with “certification of China environmental labeling products as the main line, green supply chain assessment as core work, ISO management system certification as the cornerstone and carbon emission verification as the coordination”; and contribute to the development of green, low carbon and circular economy of China in an all round way.  
    In addition, the meeting granted “Special Award on Chine Environmental Labelling” to Mr. Qu Geping and Mr. Xie Zhenhua in order to appreciate their outstanding contributions to environmental labeling cause of China. Meanwhile, it also granted relevant awards to old leaders, enterprises and institutions that have supported and made contributions to the establishment and development of China Environmental Labelling system.