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China Environmental Labelling Program releasing three new criteria

Date:2020/04/20 09:19:07

Column:CEC news

With the approval of Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China, three new criteria of China Environmental Labelling on Range Hood, Cosmetics and Absorbent Sanitary Products were released on December 13th, 2019 and came into effect from January 1st, 2020, which were developed by China Environmental United Certification Center (CEC).

The three criteria are the first developed. The Range Hood presents stricter requirements for purification of cooking oil fume and reduction of VOCs emission for range hoods, compare with the relevant national standard. The Cosmetics for the first time bans plastic beads to minimize the hazards of plastic beads to water environment. The Absorbent Sanitary Products identifies the hazardous substance limits for adult diapers to protect the health of consumers.

Up to now, more than 120 China Environmental Labelling product criteria have been issued, 104 of which are currently valid. The 3 new criteria will extend the range of Environmental Labelling product and promote green production and green consumption further in China.