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CEC successive wins the Annual Innovation Award of China Government Procurement

Date:2021/03/01 04:05:39

Column:CEC news


Dec.17th 2020,China Environmental United Certification Center (CEC) won the Annual Innovation Award of China Government Procurement at the Workshop on the Reform and Development of government procurement Post-COVID-19 Pandemic. 12 categories of awards were released during the workshop including Annual Innovation, Person of the Year, and Excellent Project Award etc. in 2020.

China Government Procurement Award is an authoritative annual national award for government procurement. Through the rigorous evaluation procedures such as collection, recommendations, application, and expert review, this is the fifth time for CEC to win the award due to its great and continuous efforts in development  of China Environmental Labelling products and contributions to national governmental green procurement.

CEC carries out governmental green procurement of environmental labelling products, covering 92 product categories such as office equipment and supplies, vehicles, electronic and electrical products, furniture and building materials etc., which involve over 900,000 product models. Moreover, CEC has been steadily promoting the development of China environmental labelling program, along with its good environmental performances progress achieved, which include reduction of VOCs and CO2 emissions and discharge of water pollutants, minimization of the discharge of solid waste and chemicals, conservation of energy and resources, which effectively decrease the energy and resources consumption of products and less hazard pollutions. It has played a supportive role in leading green consumption transition and promoting the sustainable development of industries.    

Meanwhile among the 28 organizations, Zhejiang Furniture Industry Association was awarded the Annual Innovation Award of China Government Procurement for its progress with the newly developed CEC Environmental Guardian Certification program for furniture products, which provides public and local governments with greener, ecological choices.

In the future, CEC will consistency take steps toward advancing its featured China Environmental Labelling products and scientific research services, support the government’s green procurement implementation, and help the industries and enterprises achieve green and low carbon development transition.