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CEC Activities on World Environment Day

Date:2021/07/09 05:12:47

Column:CEC news

     In response to the UN theme of World Environment Day of 2021 — Ecosystem Restoration, the Chinese theme is “Harmony between man and nature”.  

Focus on the theme, CEC made several publicity posters with the titles “Choosing Eco-label Products to Facilitate Green Consumption”, “Focusing on Carbon Neutrality and Emission Reduction for Green Transformation”, “Building Zero Waste City and Green Homeland” etc., to strengthen public awareness in conserving biodiversity, addressing climate change, and respecting, complying and protecting nature. These posters were published by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment on May 26th by social media.

Meanwhile, CEC organized eco-label publicity activities into enterprises, schools and countryside, to help green transformation of enterprises, promote public green consumption, and contribute to improve children environmental awareness in rural schools.

Some posters on World Environment Day

Publicity ecolabel in community

Granting ecolabel printing book to students and

Students’ drawing about environmental protection