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The development of China-Japan-Korea Common Core Criteria

Date:2021/12/13 11:13:46

Column:CEC news

The development of China-Japan-Korea Common Core Criteria

2021 China-Japan-Korea Tripartite Working Level Meeting on Environmental Labelling (WLM) was held on September 27th-28th. The Environmental Labelling Organization of China (CEC), Japan (JEA) and Korea (KEITI) gathered at an online meeting to discuss expanding the foundation of mutual recognition system, including the development of new CJK (China-Japan-Korea) ecolabel common core criteria.
Over the past decade, 12 CJK common core criteria have been developed from ‘Computer’(2007)’ to ‘Printing ink(2021)’ which have contributed to enhancing export channels for certified companies and expanding the market for eco-friendly products in Northeast Asia.
At this meeting, 5 harmonized elements in this common core criterion (“Finishing Materials for Wall or Ceiling”) were finally drawn. And the tripartite organizations agreed that “Wall Paper” was considered as next targets of 2022. Furthermore ‘Copier and Printer’ will be revised in 2022 as well. Additional, three organizations agreed to explore the possibility of Fully Common Core Criteria (FCCC) Development and as a discussion topic included in 2022 CJK WLM agenda.
During the meeting, three organizations also shared practices of ecolabel for plastic pollution and would like to strengthen cooperation addressing environmental issues by ecolabel.