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The journal of Plastic Packaging published special issue for CEC

Date:2021/12/13 11:18:46

Column:CEC news

The prevention and control of plastic pollution has been a hot spot of global environmental issues. As China Environmental Labelling implementation body, CEC has done a lot for promoting plastic industry development and greening process of plastic packaging enterprises, the professional journal of Plastic Packaging specially published an issue for CEC’s achievements recently.
CEC developed some criteria on plastic product during the years, including Packaging Products and Recycled Plastic Products released by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment; Green Product Evaluation of Express issued by the State Post Bureau; Refuse Sack For Kitchen Waste, Recyclable Plastic Woven Sack, Recyclable Blow Molding Plastic Packaging Products and Easy-to-Recyclable Plastic Packaging Products registered by State Administration for Market Regulation. This special issue made deeper explanation for these criteria. Additional, a research report on Green Packaging Promotes the Realization of the National Double Carbon Target developed by CEC is published.
CEC would like to explore practices of plastic pollution control and hope to strengthen cooperation with interested parties to promote the work further.