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Publicity on 2021 World Ecolabel Day in China

Date:2021/12/13 11:21:19

Column:CEC news

To celebrate the fourth World Ecolabel Day, China Environmental United Certification Center (CEC) has conducted rich and colorful promotion activities. The activities attracted nearly 30000 readers’ attention with social media such as WeChat, Weibo, and website.  

Publicity on 2021 World Ecolabel Day in China

Two posters on the World Ecolabel Day and a Chinese version of GEN video on Look Closer Ecolabelling were released which attracted more public attention and awareness in ecolabel by live activities, social media and website.

The First Ecolabel Day Campus Activity was jointly organized by CEC and East China University of Science and Technology under support of local government. During the activity, “Green Campus, Youth in Action” initiative was launched and CEC awarded the honor certificate and volunteer flag. Additional, a Video Contest with the theme of “Select Environmental Labelling, Practice Green Lifestyle” was launched also. The contest will be held from October to December, and any original video on environmental protection stories, ecolabel knowledge, and practice environmental ideas will be encouraged to participate. The final awarded results will be published by social media and website in the end of the 2021. .
Shanghai TV and Zhejiang Province TV made special report on the ecolabel campus activity. Mr. YAN Tao of CEC deputy general manager accepted an interview, he made an introduction on Ecolabel Day and GEN, as well as China Environmental Labelling, he also called the public pay more attention to ecolabel and practice green consumption.